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Ripple (XRP) Coin taking over the bitcoin empire?

ripple coinSo there has been a lot of speculation with those in the know as to the significance of Ripple Coin. Many of us are working with the older style miners that have been around at least for 1 year or so. That being said you might guess the significance of Litecoin vs. Ripple coin in a one off. I am sure that being a younger age really has its draw backs when it comes to sharing the spotlight in the crypto community. As far as all crypto currentcy is concerned the buying or selling of merchandise with the exchange for a intangible monetary currentcy is not illegal. It’s one of those gray areas. You know like the bar on the old ebay affiliate screens. It goes light grey for a reason we just don’t really know what for but man do we like the number inside. I can’t get enough of how some of the old awesome PPC engines have died like the dinosaur. Take Kanoodle it took the PPC community by storm then it just stole too much from too many and I suppose lawsuits took them out. Then they became brightads I think. That’s gone as well now. True I have been victim of many of these scammers paying thousands of dollars for little to no benefit there is yet to be any (golden parachute) waiting for me. You know sort of my reward for trying to hard with PPC systems. Each of these clicks should cost a intangible ripple coin for even more comedic relief. Just looking at a quick quote it looks like there is approximately 99 billion ripple coins with 38 billion in circulation? They are all approximately worth $3.22 USD and that seems a bit steep for something that can’t be traded as a commodity. So it would be illegal to have a commodity wouldn’t it? Sure they could be made with gold silver copper or steel? But they couldn’t exist what would be the point. I guess it would be interesting to have your gold supply smelted into these but I am sure you would want more than 3.22 per troy onze for it. So how hard is it to get a check after mining all these ripple coins? Next thing your going to need is a ripple coin miner. Unfortunately this concept seems better suited to a Monty Python Skit and alas they are un-minable. This concept remains the same as we are all looking for people with excessive gambling problems using aka (chips) to trade there so called ill gotten gains? Money that is. Perhaps all this coin is nothing more than a version of Casino money laundering.