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Acts bringing us closer to God

Cleaning the soul and bringing us closer to our creator as long as possible before our ultimate demise.  A smart man once told me don’t do anything you wouldn’t want anyone doing to you.  Well my freedom comes to mind the most when this thought happens to me.  A man can crave death at times to prevent either the capture and loss of freedom in a war or even civilian environment.  This act doesn’t bring us closer to God.  The effort is meaningless.  The living God speaks through dying men old young and the healthy.  I don’t wish to get sick and rot on the vine like a criminals hands.  Jesus can make a man’s hands like a criminals but why would a man keep hands of a criminal.  The literal word and speech is the problem.  I don’t imprison men for the act of desperation.  Sometimes woman can have the most difficult time and hide things which complicate their lives.  I have nothing to hide.  Death does not bring us closer to God it actually drives us away from God.  I drive no one into doing anything.  I wish to remain free in God’s eyes till my natural death with no imprisonment and be fruitful and multiply.

Who would want anything less in a dead city such as this.  Promoting life for those that wish to live it seems like the mission.  Helping those end there own is far from a Godly mission.  Basically I become a preacher at times but this just drives people farther from God since ego and real time blathering of my voice devalues my worth with Gods creatures not God him or herself.  It’s the Living God I have heard speak to me so many times that I can be tortured easily by the living.  I don’t understand how being a terrible judge of character gains me anything since I believe the senate parliament and legal system all could learn from my mistakes.  I wish the best for mankind not many like minds of the same sex lamenting and not procreating.  There comes a time to lament and their comes a time to procreate.  My dream of .01 vs african growth that gets the job done is likely when like minds want the same.  Perhaps its why you read me so well.  Perhaps its the reason you wish I would go away and my ideas stay with you so long.  I can’t help but give you time to think about doing the right thing.  For me the right thing is understanding why others want to be me so much and I am such a bad person.  Pointless endeavor.  When evil men are judging others trying to put a good man in prison and retain power I wonder why the chinese can’t just print some more of our money.  Hopefully they get rid of the plastic garbage.  Women when powerful and beautiful at times can even try to kill Jesus himself in order to meet the wrong man.