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Service Request – Dogecoin

I can only speculate on what the value of 4 dogecoins is but heres an official request. Don’t bother insulting me with coin at the moment send me a check for the value of 4 dogecoins. Do we really have to dodge the coin? Is it that violent of a place. Somethings are rhetorical I suppose but it would be nice if there was some meaning put to my screen and what I do all day. So much for ripple coin oh well. I guess the ripn network on my legacy modems are all going dormant at the moment. Sure would be some fun though. I can’t tell you what to do with all your spare bullion but hey if you want to be funny. Send away. If bitcoin is nearly 18000 USD a coin how is it dogecoin is so much less?

Kevin Katovic
1051-B 17th street
Courtenay, BC