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A house of ill repute

Well a brothel might be a more common name for this place.  A place that isn’t socially acceptable which provides goods and or services.  Now these places have changed owners quite a bit over the years.  I believe pubs, bars or strip joints are more or less the effort to make these places more acceptable or convenient to the public.  People might visit these places for a variety of reasons.  Men I know might for the hope of gaining companionship yet the woman might be there for completely different reasons.  Men seldom gain financially from these environments unless of course they are the owner of the establishment.  These men might be referred to as pimps.  A Madam is much more common however.

Most likely this environment where the same people congregate over and over again causes depression.  Depression can result from the hope to gain a impossible friendship due to the illusion of potential relationships.  These people are there to monetarily gain from a man or womans depression and need for companionship in groups or gangs.  This in itself can be construed as a attack on the very soul of a human being.  This is some of the lowest forms of psychological attacks on a person’s self esteem.  Being deemed as a person that can never pair up and no relationship is every available is the attack on the person to cause sickness of the mind.  The congregation where every contact is a negative connotation.  Efforts to ill a person’s ability to be a friend outside the addictive environment to increase the return only to spend money is the sin.  These are places of sin where sinful people collect more sin.  Perhaps this is why people are labeled and hope is bottled only for some people which if illing enough people can live comfortable judging the intoxicated for life.  An effort to be a better person when looking down on a culture is seldom helpful.  In other words you are what you eat and the company you keep.  It’s important not to become the shill that keeps the patrons not coming back in hope they can get out of the perpetual depression and forever incapable of completing on social activity outside the bar environment.