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We are not just big dumb guys throwing money around

Never hang around the music industry.  They are pretty near all drug dealers and dangerous rockers capable of all kinds of disgusting acts.  A act of pure fantasy and make believe does not make a career.  If you read my book, heaven forbid.  Your keeping up with me here.  I know I have talked about lots of sad things like murder and death and dying.  I will never mention it again.  It doesn’t fascinate me.  Buy the book.  Obviously I use obviously, obviously as much as I know or what about.  This doesn’t mean I am just some Dumb guy throwing money around.  I don’t hang around the music industry and collect donations from proven murders and killers drug dealers and all kinds of low life.  This is a pathetic rumor someone started.  I will not fall off the roof again either.  Who is it?  Any way she makes you go up on the roof to “Fix Things”  allot.  Don’t fall for this tactic.  You will get hurt bad in the foot or leg.  She plans accidents.  I caught her before.  No that’s a stall tactic,  lets be smart about this.  I know what you did last summer.  You don’t lie to me.  You don’t lie to me.  You get back on the couch again.  You know who you are.  I told you I want two celebrities to tie up in my basement and abuse daily.  You make this happen for me.  Don’t ruin this for me.

It has to be perfect.  A penny more or a penny less could kill us all.  Thank god I trust in the accuracy of the music industry.  Ah we are besties now…