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A pop tart you just don't want to mess with

For the love of God who the hell cares about Katy Perry another wasted pop tart. Have a nice flight btw don’t kill me.

It’s like Vietnam out there.  It’s like killing is a way of life for these people.  Did you know it’s legal for doctors to kill people now?  Death and dying and all kinds of morbid things.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Why on earth do I have to do this again.  I hate poker face.  It’s a sick sick song.  Anyone that listens to that song must have rocks in there head.  I would never do that.  Lies all lies.  You be there my next pop tart you be there.  I’m counting on you.  Don’t you dare let me down.

Did you like the concert btw she’s pretty good eh?

Ever wonder why wordpress has so many fonts.  Why sometimes I want to sick that wordpress right in the ear.  You better not be laughing again.  Oh stop sending me those.  And stop calling me hot on park benches again.  That’s 2 million for that BTW stop cheaping out and only given me 1 million.

What kind of moron would fall in love in a hut anyway.  Seriously guys do you believe this.  A friggin hut.  It’s like they are all brain dead from all the crack they smoke around here.  No we are on the bus again.  Why does she like those darn darkies anyway.  Thank-God for that man Tove-Lo.  I do not know you I will never know you.  Ok why not a link back.  I’m tired of suffering KATY PERRY seriously I keep hearing things I am not playing!  Help for the love of GOD if you jail me one more god dam time SLAM.  I’M KILLING EVERYONE!  EVERY GOD DAM ONE THEM wait omg are these good I think its got jam inside it YATZI!
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