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Gingerbread cookies secret recipe

A lot of good people have secret recipes but some are just too good to eat.  Maybe you have had gingerbread before that tasted so good you just had to eat the entire batch.  Don’t get to delicious then suddenly sure enough someone will take too much.  They get a taste for something and they just need more and more.  It’s just never enough.  The secret gingerbread cookie recipe according to my sources in Quebec will always be so tasty it will be eaten for 10 days minimum and still not allow the person that originally cooked it to even so much as nibble on it.  Then of course there was the cookie riots of 1942.  Something had to be done I had to quiet people up or else the secret might of been leaked.  People were in the gingerbread line for months and months just because the bread line was too short and they enjoyed painful delays.  You might of remembered me from Charles Schwab and another TOP SECRET government check cashing facility called the credit union.  You know where all new customers would have to be nearly retarded to wait one month for their tasty cookie to be handled.