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Khloe Kardashian Pie Hero Rumor

It’s all over for whoever started this awful rumor. Apparently all that the Kardashian did was help herself to the so called pie products. I have painstakingly tried to verify this evil rumor. I am unsure who would like to look silly but I have a theory that this might have a tiny bit of truth to it.

While I believe there is some truth that Khloe Kardashian might of baked a pie the real credit seems to go to Sweet Lady Jane who baked the offical pie. The search world is in a frenzy as everyone is desperate to have a look at khloe’s pies but while the order seems insignificant hackers are desperate to lay this rumor to a rest. Just Stop everyone Stop! Hasn’t she gone through enough. TMZ you should all go to the doghouse on this one. Why run such a nice persons name like Khloes through the mud. Shame. Even if she did not make the pies from scratch its just horrible that you would tease her if she stole a shot of retail created pie or purchased it in store. This sounds more of like something Lady Gaga would do. Mind you pie is always better bought.

Rumored purchased pie

I can’t believe that millions of people are searching for the real deal. The real conclusive evidence whether the pie was made from scratch or purchased in a bakery.