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One thing’s for sure I’m not a Childrens Book

Ever get that feeling that someone is trying to u-serp your popularity and fame with a children’s book.  Obviously my book is not a children’s book but sometimes I feel I am in someway being insulted.  I refuse to be insulted but if anyone would rather buy a childrens book I suggest maybe buying a CD or single from a popular musician.    Sure enough there is some very rude book trying to pretend to be Nowhere Near Perfect.  You have no idea how difficult it is to find left shark.  You are not in love with the only person in the entire world that notices you.  Get over it already.

Some of these dangerous children’s books has ruined hundreds of males lives in the Comox Valley, BC.  This is a tactic.  I would hate to find out that my book was being flogged as some children’s book by a misguided selfish people.  I am not going to be manipulated by a ignorant audience in a third world just because its easy to manipulate numbers there.  I feel like someone is trying to ride the magic carpet sometimes pretending they are really me.  Stop stealing my already popular female audience base you dangerous plush toy floggers.  I know who you are I see you.  Your not fooling anyone.  If your selling a [object]  make sure its the right one I don’t give permission for anyone to see the wrong book.  But yet some women and men have been caught just doing that its like a epidemic.  Selling someone else’s books.  Don’t do that.

I wrote about how I was beaten, tortured and suffered wrongfully in prison.  I am no hardship case but I’m not a children’s book or 50 dollar stuffed toy.  Please you really need to re-asses your royalty structure.  I am the only one in control of mastering my intellectual copyright.  I do not have any arrogant or delusional trustee’s or advocates.  Its very difficult to protect your copywrite when things like this keep going on.  I think the biggest problem is constantly being judged without ever see who already hasn’t deserved or legally earned the right to read me.  I hope I didn’t blow a billion dollar contract.  Sheesh.  Your mom’s cute she should buy me a beer next time and less shooters.