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Data Highlighter showing off your site's data in search results

Many websites listed in Google Search results do not contain structured data.  By using Google’s data highlighter you can slowly build your content and interlink your website to be more respected in the search results.  Don’t let this happen to you.  It’s not like satellites are tracking me in real time choreographing my every step in some remote wilderness location making sure payments are delivered in a timely fashion.  I know what your thinking.  It’s not like you will stop thinking.  You’re a human being like me.  You would have to be a criminal that had lived a life of crime for years getting easy money not to understand this concept.  Operation cuddle had some more fun than me but I will gladly declassify you one that one during our next briefing.  What does this have to do with Remax?  Well I don’t expect you to last the entire 8 hours like I did but only get paid for 4. Not that I am complaining but this is a official FBSWEA mission we do things differently.

Big brown is still working on this at centennial.  I don’t know anyone but more or less the last thing I said was more of a joke.  You can’t take anything I say seriously.   And I am not a big fan of being arrested for other peoples crimes against humanity grow up.  You have to pay eventually and I suggest you get on it guys before I suggest where to land more F-35’s.  Im not threatening its official make believe missions here.  Besides I still got that good BC Ferries job with the frenchman who had better boots I might add.  This is bullcrap I spent a fortune on these items I keep getting chinese knock offs.  I’m so tired of getting burnt on these packages. Sometimes I think the Canadian Government just decides that my commissions are public resources and anyone can take them. Its annoying me. Any way enough complaining it seems they are just debating how long ago they have killed me off across everywhere in canada. Seriously stop stealing turn yourself in. I’ll find you on satellite there is gps in all the spines just give up. Surrender its easier I consider this theft a act of treason.

  • Or am I kidding again?