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Still complaining still trying to work for the garbage company

Ever wonder if the entire police department is harassing you. After all there is people that try looking for genuine crimes but there are those that look to hide there own too with investigations. Again I’m not saying that garbage companies and police that get fired have some secret in at Ranstad Employment agency but its possible there is a parallel. I love drawing parallels. Once your hand is in the easy money sometimes its hard to get it out.  I just might take out the garbage for money I am not sure yet.  Ever wonder what Miley Cyrus’s cookie jar looks like? You’ll never beat me. Any way even the supreme court justice knows that this is a job for Judge Pscitzo. Not Judge Psycho since he is now retired. Well I don’t mean to brag but if I am caught playing in court hiding my dastardly deeds I might as well confess. Well confessing to other peoples crimes seems like a silly department head up by a insanely clever head at Questrade. I am not dying. I am just stating the facts. People don’t like the facts. You will never document a childrens book people. Any who if I am up against nothing but emotion here this is over pretty quit. If everyone is crying and refusing to admit they have this I see my presence is kind of useless. People want to believe what they want to believe. I think Farley Mowat said just before he died. ” If I only had a ounce of that young mans writing talent I would WHOS THAT AT MY DOOR!” Any way thats really my book. And yes thats really the never mind. Who cares what is going on. It’s impossible to steal your own book. Whats wrong with these people. I have another mission for you sanctioned by the mexican police. Its going to be good this time we wont have to wear bibs or plastic hats. Amazingly enough not one of Katy Perry’s old jobs. Its really easy. Gravy, Im going to need you to take out the garbage. You know take the garbage out. Now did you get the reading glasses young lady? Im going to need you to find me immediately and bend over I will explain more when the time comes.