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Mental health act bc traps patients

Ah the mental health act.  This is the legal part where doctors and hospital staff love to cite how the law protects them after there right or wrong decision to involuntarily certify a patient.  This act almost perpetually confines a patient to hospital under a doctors care which decided to certify you in the first place.  Many things can happen that prevent law from working in the first place and that is this very act itself.  What a useless system in my opinion that’s very design protects a decision to admit a patient into hospital care when they really should be arraigned in some cases for court.  At what point acts of violence or minor disobedience of the law is taken upon the RCMP I can only imagine to become doctors to get that first visit to hospital and not a jail cell.  I am not sure which RCMP believe they are doctors and take people to hospital and not jail but when this happens they trap them in hospital.  There is no real difference as the hospital becomes a jail and your rights taken away just the same or even more insidiously.

Why are the RCMP involved in the first place.  The law is the law and a hospital isn’t a court room which is the only one of the two places the RCMP can take you the other being jail.  When your taken to jail your legal matters are taken care of rather quickly.  When your taken to hospital the legal matter seems to get muddled by this annoying Mental health act that the doctors and nurses hide behind.  I was trapped 40 days in the system and still only on “Extended Leave” from the hospital which the doctor says he can maintain indefinitely.

The mental health act of bc traps patients because it fails to do the very thing it was designed to do, ensure patients rights.   The medical review panel is the only way to become free of the involuntary committal done by a doctor.  The ironic part of all this is the doctor committing patients to hospital always has to go on third party information which we all know is inadmissible in a court of law.  Which is what this act is law.  What kind of system relies on 3rd party information to make a decision as to trap a person in a 40 day evaluation period on hearsay?  That’s the problem though the doctor is solely reliant on what the patient tells him yet in many cases the doctors refuse to believe the truth.  I wonder how many cases are alcohol induced psychosis which get miss label as a mental illness and the career of treating something that isn’t there for a lifetime occurs.

I feel for the doctors in some ways but at the end of the day they get to go home.  The patients are trapped until released forced to tolerate all sorts of mental illness and in some cases treat.  Yes that’s right now that the mental health act says that the only way to get free of hospital confinement is to be reviewed you need that panel to agree.  Who chooses the review panel?  Where are the review panel?  After 14 days mine seems to be invisible which brings negligence into play.  If they have 14 days to review and still I haven’t heard anything either I am finally completely free and agreed I am of no threat to the public or myself.   The acts main goal is to also ensure public safety and what person in there right mind thinks I am a threat to the public or myself.  I believe they should put whoever says that through the system which I am still too this day stuck in six months later.  Well folks I am going to request this review panel every month so you better stop neglecting it or my lawyer will use this information to form the neglect case.  As well I am sure seeing a doctor every 3 months to ensure involuntary commitment is obviously neglect.  Not that I want to see one at all but facts are facts.  Doctors nurses and hospital staff are not judges lawyers or enforcement officers but boy do they become them when new patients arrive via police.