Jack Ryan CIA (Can anybody be him?)

jack ryanToo many Jack Ryan’s that’s the problem who’s line is it anyway. Talk about confusing lets have a look at how many movies claim have this illusive CIA analyst working actor.

Take a look at the Sum of all Fears C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan which is played by Ben Affleck who tries to stop neo nazi effort to get the USA and Russia to go to war.

C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan strikes again in clear and present danger when Harrison Ford goes to war with a Colombian drug cartel.

Jack Ryan CIA Patriot Games again makes a IRA assassination go bad.

My favorite Jack Ryan in the Hunt for Red october which claims not to be cia but just a analyst that writes book for the C.I.A great quote.

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Chris Pine finds a plot by the Russians to destroy the USA economy.

And lately Jack Ryan John Krasinski is himself in this television series I don’t think I will even watch this one.

Can we get a better one? We need a Jack Ryan 2020 how about another nuclear pending strike gosh those are good.

So now you see anyone could get confused when you say Jack Ryan.

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