Dumb as a Pickle Sure its not ®McDonald’s

® McDonald'sWhen the criminals complain sometimes it becomes obvious they are going to have to work harder. Are you really as dumb as a pickle? When the price goes up the next day .50 cents a guy really has to ask there what is really so different today than the other day. Perhaps I’m right when I say stupidity is illegal. I’m changing the location and store to protect the moron’s identity but work with me on this do you really hate people in upper management? Perhaps he owns shares in the public company and hes too stupid to figure out which one of the branding’s he is. Well if your overhearing my frustration with a lack of brain power and how upper education results in me having to attend a calculus course in my 30’s when people are barely keeping up where I left off 10 years ago you might discover your being cruel and the neural plasticity of my brain is in some desperate need of a warm up before jumping into this again. Just build a better bear. Your toast don’t look at champions when your pond scum.

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