Taylor Swift playing with her ” Kat’s”

Official Katy Kat products? Katy Perry

Ok maybe its not funny but when I say this it could be accidentally perceived as me making a sexual reference or perhaps pointing out a comedy sketch with Jennette’s co-star. Sorry about the spelling jen. Any way if Taylor Swift wants to play with her kats let her play with her kats. Maybe we can expand this and make this fancier.


I need more real time data I already know Katy Perry is married so that’s covered but I no nothing about Taylor Swift is she dating is she celebate is she this or that. Man obviously if you think I am serious I have no self esteem issues.

So how long has Taylor Swift been on tour. I had a idea that being a pop star was a scam and all the public tour dates never happened until someone in reality bought a ticket. ” Which rarely happens ” , then someone invented Tove-Lo and Rhianna. Perhaps Im wrong. But Sorry Clayton I agree with you Sugarland is pathetic but I do like Taylor Swift not that it matters.

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