Navy Seals are Vicious Murderous Killing Machines

Just another day for a Navy Seal. Murder is never a bad idea being a continuous daily event and some get unhappy when killing is ” Off the table ” . Mind altering drugs , have no effect where there minds and bodies are tuned killing machines. Mk-ultra isn’t even strong enough to make them wince in pain when the inevitable job of killing becomes needed. ” He needed killing ” perhaps that could of happened once or twice but the trained Navy Seals don’t slink off into the corner and commit hairy Carey they just keep on killin. War is a horrific place hell on earth but these fine tuned killing machines don’t miss a beat unhappy unless there is more than 30% chance of death. These missions could cause serious damage to untrained special forces if you need it done and your serious better hire x-navy seals to get the job done. Navy Seals aren’t happy unless they are killing the most evil men AND WOMEN! in the entire world. They have psychological training keeping them fit as a fiddle after the mission never having regrets. Some with body counts in the hundreds. The only place murder is legal , US Marines now take the job serious.

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