“It’s Bobby Dazzler Time” Curse of Oak island

Do you like digging for treasure. I know if I had millons of dollars I wouldn’t be wasting it buying lots of equipment and hiring scores of people to dig up worthless trinkets. But we keep watching don’t we. You can make a TV program out of anything these days now back to back with kings of pain you realize the quality of entertainment is going down hill. I guess bobby dazzler was a comedian but this is a new catch phrase for the program on the history channel.

bobby-dazzlerIts just not to be messed with if you have the viewers interested I guess its what keeps us watching. Everyone is always so fascinated by a piece of wood or a piece of metal or a piece of paper. Its just funny to watch how excited grown men can get over opening up a piece of plastic with tubes of mud in it. How many times can you keep digging a hole perhaps bankers have been doing this for years but somehow there books just keep allowing a number to be moved negative or positive. I guess it just all gets maintained somewhere like the us defecate.

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