The threat was real to KMDLABS


You will never win. I had stumbled upon kmdlabs a KMD project about 3 months ago. Everything was great everything was going wonderful then this leach that cares nothing about ratio to profit things throwing the base hasrate out of wack with a 8x multiple making this enormously unprofitable you will not win. ” Fancy Squid ” has responded with 40 Meg/sols with a billion dollar budget to make you eat your words. If you think 1 m/sol made this a ridiculous rental to make 4000 labs a day boy oh boy will you not like the 40x spend rate to make what 10 dollars? Your getting this completely wrong ” Fancy Squid ” has made it clear that they can sustain this rate for 5 years at least. Leave Bernz nobody likes you. Your helping nobody. Your monopoly on this coin will now be decentralized by ” Fancy Squid ” . You will not win… They are anonymous they are at the legion.

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