Scared of money what happens to seo?

seoWhen will my google webmaster central start working and start displaying keywords that are in the index getting real views and traffic. I seem to be pigeon holed with ” Too Much Pornhub “. This is not right nor is the recent ban I am somehow being punished with at Youtube. How do I get back in the good graces of the search giant google. Nothing really going on other than my recent acquisition of a lost Antminer from Chinese intelligence. I purchased 4 of the Bitmain ” Top Secret ” antminers and nothing showed up and some how they were lost/stolen. Interestingly enough for some reason the 0% duty on personal electronics entering Canada again to my dismay has been wrongfully categorized as wrong things. And why am I so scared of money?

Perhaps this just doesn’t make sense. Some things are banned in china perhaps I was flagged and removed in Youtube for saying the wrong things? Its rather nice they finding this Antminer from Bitmain and sending it free of charge. It would be sure nice to find the other three. Is there anyone that can help build a few back links or something for free? I just can’t seem to get back in the fast real time ranking engine part of google. I was years ago it was quite good being able to rank for anything with over 300 military and government back links. I just don’t have the time to place these myself anymore. Perhaps there is a way I can get good again but not ” Too good? “.

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