The game Kim Kardashian lyrics

Kim Kardashian the game lyricsNo way I am speaking for the majority of people when I say I am the authority on this subject of the Kardashians. I never met any but I did do a extensive article on the Kim Kardashian pie hero. Im back! Apparently this has something to do with giving negro women there self esteem back. Perhaps that’s idea as not to sound wrong here but people are getting caught making rumors again. Strong black women hat to be objectified and I think that’s what this is all about from what I have gleaned on the issue. In the game Kim Kardashian uses very sexually explicit lyrics and you need to keep a eye on that sort of stuff. Now I was all a buzz last time when Erin Andrews got caught in that peep hole video so I think this is fitting.

Don’t make sense this is obviously where this goes and perfectly placed why think about this. The Lyrics were apparently released at some listening party. If we listen closely enough we can hear the game utter the sweet nothings in her ear. OMG SHES PREGNANT!

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