All I know is the goat tapped out

demon goatLets take a look at the motives. What would someone have to gain buy the satanic goat images. Maybe we can expect to see goats drinking beer and swigging snuff and smoking weed. The goat really has some strange pasts with many depictions of evil in various artwork. I guess your expecting mountains of information and a clear connection so here we go again. We do have a local goat radio station I wonder if it is a evil place to work. Perhaps its a place were shaw cable ex employees go to live out there days in music. There is no accounting for taste and if you like artwork that depicts evil turns out your more eclectic than my own. I am a rather simple guy I just drink my coffee and research cryptocurrency so this seems to be something I just drummed up. What is evil? More personally I keep having computer problems and that seems to be a ongoing thing with me. I would like it if my linux distribution was more stable but perhaps it just doesn’t like MSI and AMD setups. Recently I have found some kind of error that occurs when I put my dns server in full recursion mode for global dns recursion. After about 12/24 hours it would seem my connection becomes visible and someone or something disrupts my internet completely not sure why it disables me. The current antminers roar as internet connectivity is broken. If your a goat you tap out. This process seems to be automatic and happens around midnight perhaps when all ip leases are renewed? I try to make sense why open recursion would do this but who knows what really does this. I am more of a eagle guy perhaps you have to have some kind of animal fetish to have a radio station on Vancouver island? goat fmTrying to regain control of my intellectual property rights somehow being disabled by someone at amazon. It would appear that someone currently is enjoying bothering me disabling my KDP publishing platform. So far it would seem Amazon has a terrible way of manipulating author accounts without there permission. I suggest take my advice and use a more reliable publisher.

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