That’s kind of silly google I want my 50K traffic a month back

I don’t really care how serious or pathetically you follow your own Terms of Service. But there shouldn’t be any rule that prevents people from sending adwords traffic to a website with adsense units on it. Again it seems they fail to deliver products or services that well in all essence are fair. It might lead to the realization that adwords generates fraud and you can’t accept the fact that if its good to scam adwords its good to scam adsense.

Well obviously if google is sending you robots all day long from adwords ads that’s not very good for business. The long and short of it is I spent 7000 and google said 3000 was recoverable with adsense. But you failed to pay said your own traffic is fraudulent and didn’t pay back the 3000 adsense should of paid but if you only return 50% of the money and still can’t even do that you really are a jerk two ways here.

Any who its theft how about bumping up my traffic levels to 50K a month again like in 2000 since im sure the adwords department is the one responsible for sending traffic. As well I am curious why if I am a part of the class action lawsuit you only refund less than $100 or the $3000 you owe me on just one account who cares if thats the system thats the system can’t you just repay the $7000 which I have generated with adsense many times where you ” Fail to de-liver ” hmmmm.

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