I inherited the Devil's Touch

She would get better then get worst if your any family member I suggest not reading further this is pretty sick and twisted. Its something just for you as soon as I seen you I knew this was over, but you didn’t want the game to end. You needed the game to continue you wouldn’t let me win and complete my mission. The devil’s advocate makes this clear you like the matrix but I was so vain I needed to make the world know. It all started as spying on her because her natural beauty made it impossible not to be interested. As I cunningly looked over her shoulder gathering the information I needed I rescinded to my cubical to send a top secret memo that was blocked now by the evil data capturing monolith. There really does seem to be a loophole and my intelligence and wit might not allow me to complete my mission. While I think she knew at some level I was head strong and made my mind up I sent the message. I gathered my intel and she reluctantly agreed. I don’t know what went wrong I don’t know what I did that broke down the mission but I had made up my mind and that was a truly wicked I suppose. Its too bad this was done in real time and I was interrupted. How something about a leak and back up lights on. Uh, its not too late anything@kevinkatovic.com I have only decided on the spot three times unfortunately my dad was better at this.

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