Justin Trudeau Blackface/Brownface Scandal Video Pictures

justin trudeau blackface brownface at a party cbc reuters cnn

I guess its obvious that Justin is doing this to himself probably leaking these things himself and just wants out of politics. Perhaps this was his best idea how to ruin his career the fastest. It would seem Legacy is important to Justin as publicly he reminds us how his dad would be disappointed or would be un-pleased with him. I’m no expert but I think this was definite self sabotage and he doesn’t want a re-election campaign to succeed. Well anyway seems rather silly anyway but I know how it sucks to be constantly judged for your actions of the past. I guess things could be worst it could be a comparison to a ex-felon looking for redemption of some sorts. But that could be all that separates some of use from the criminals, that being politics. Here are the pictures and video your looking for I hope I did this justice. I really don’t care either way I have been seeking attention for some time but realize well its all fake. Who would really want to fake this. But imagine ” Kevin Katovic ” a household name across Canada where millions of Canadians have ” Nowhere Near Perfect ” in every bathroom. Its a dream of mine that will never be realized perhaps.

Justin Trudeau BlackFaced/Brownfaced Video

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