My people are now in place give up

Delusions of Granduer? I don’t think so if I have to buy out every pathetic pile of shit business owner that irritates people like myself I’ll do whatever it takes. Billionaires? Really nice toilet paper? What do I need to remind you of. Its now a Clandestined mission. We are on a mission from GOD. Why don’t you believe this? Any way its difficult to keep the legends alive I’m working on a new book. It will be edited yet again by a team of monkeys that work for free this time and understand the lords work.

My people are in place! If you don’t know your job title unfortunately its rather unpleasant its ” Sloshers ” you don’t care about anything other than jacking up alcohol sales and keeping your victims as long as possible. You have to engage the clients! If you think your about to be embarrassed I suggest running away to the back room and asking the manager for either advice for a quick release or long term engagement.

Your a slosher now so respect the title and get the job done! Stop banning the Victims! NOW PUNISH THEM!!! DO YOU WANT ANOTHER! DON’T TEASE HER I DON’T WANT TO BE KILLEDINSTANTLY!

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