$1 Book Royalty! Nowhere Near Perfect sells once in 9 years are you A Complete 4ss?

Maybe that is the point do I ” Smell ” a best seller? Do you seriously believe that there are 4000 or so people in Canada suddenly reading the same book. This would have to be some kind of amazing plot. More often then not the sales were to a national book store for stock and either burnt or well shuffled. I don’t think any reasonable person could possibly believe spam or electronic delivery suddenly worked.

People are so callous and cruel I really doubt other than direct confrontation would anyone suddenly read ( hey I been robbed many times and assaulted and victim to many things ) why not buy my book?

It just doesn’t work that way. I really must get better at playing the victim or perhaps now your thinking like a multi billion dollar agency. Maybe you can work with National Media to lie about something so terrific that happened to me Im ” Lucky to be alive “. And the crimes were so horrific you just would have to be crazy not to part with the 35-55 CND to buy the book.

Anyway sorry Im not bragging I’m just saying. Don’t worry I would make a better sleeper agent and we are still only on year 6 maybe year 30 I will jump into action many years after retirement.

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