Why does my dna smell like peanuts?

They get Planted

So I come to this harsh realization my DNA smells like peanuts. Weird thing is I don’t remember eating any peanuts, I don’t remember anyone around me throwing peanuts at me, how did all these peanuts get in my system. I am sure I have better things to do with my time then lament about how this mysterious antminer started working and where it is in the world and why suddenly it just lost 500mhz a second. Still no luck on the investigation on where these 4 antminers I ordered with crypto are of yes MY HARD EARNED MONEY! Any way it seemed rather pointless trying to get help regarding prosecuting whoever is hiding behind the cryptography technology but I am sure someone somewhere has enough data and intelligence to trace these bitcoin address’s to a human or corrupt business.

Still nothing.

I was mining LIBRA but I think its the wrong libra since the wallet doesn’t work. But yeah why do I smell like peanuts?

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