List of Certified Miracles By the Vatican

Here are certified miracles of the church that have been approved for your consumption at this junction. While noticing I only rank for things related to peep hole tapes it reminds my why its a colossal waste of time thinking I will ever rank well in a search engine again. Perhaps my list of miracles are too real. The angel I saw was real but that isn’t going to be in this certified list of miracles by the catholic church I swear to god the pope has a lot of time on his hands.

  1. Blood oozing from the eyes of a Jesus Christ statue in Brazil.
  2. Jesus Christ Toast

It is true the toast was made by a Sylvester Crowlick from Tuscany, Italy he describes it as taking approximately 5.5 minutes in his holy toastmaster. Of course the patent was owned by Black&Decker and no human hands were involved in the creation of the toast. Sylvester assures us he did not manipulate the elements in any way or used knife scrapings to create the holy image which was divinely formed on the bread product. Perhaps you can’t get enough of the beautiful nature in which this was formed so I am including a video proving without a doubt it was GODS true voice and not ” Mans God “. This was a divine intervention and which Sylvester ensures us his hands were guided obviously by the divine the toaster was responsible for the godly act of creation.

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