Stop Annoying me Boys

Poor Bobby Bubblegum

I am curious what are you looking at. Perhaps your constantly making me come to the sharp realization you are constantly 10-20 years younger than me an obviously want to be me since your focusing on me which isn’t the problem and you and your cults ability to constantly notice people in their 40’s or so that have about 20 years or so more job experience. I am curious though which one of the 31 or more jobs do you think you where better than me to deserve it still? Yeah lets talk I’m sure we will have so much in common keep annoying me boys. It’s very obvious when your incapable of conversation and need to watch something. Do you want a award for being able to google my name? Katy Perry says she googles my name but she says that to millions too…… Sadly I think that’s a very generalized way of saying this. If you googling me now and seeing my face late perhaps your shit out of luck 40 dollars short and the most annoying human being that ever existed because your incapable of paying for things legally.

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