Are you Trigger? – How to get away with Murder

This is a difficult position they tried to hit it before and its kind of a dark topic but I did describe torture in the book. Well there are many types of torture, mental, physical and I’m sure we could come up with others. Well defending your country I suppose would be the biggest reason for someone to kill another person. But who for what reason would either have to kill or want to kill but is there divisions of the Government that do it. Does this make the act of legally murdering someone possible? Is it legal for the military to murder someone? I just don’t understand the system this basically makes me scared that these atrocities happened. I know in my mind its just impossible to understand and believe that there was 60,000/120,000 americans dying in vietnam or I’m sure I got these numbers wrong. Why do these things happen I would like to think that even contemplating killing someone would be impossible and making the first hand knowledge impossible to acquire or even think about. I just don’t get it but how do you get away with murder and remain free? Does everyone in the Military get a free pass to kill under certain conditions laid out? If your fired upon is reason enough to kill? What if everyone shooting at you will always miss and just want to die? I just don’t understand war. I really have difficulty believing that people ruthlessly killed anyone ever in any way and maybe thats how I get by every day.

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