Stop the Bitcoin Theft

Talk about a patient guy I guess the RCMP check link get a year to think about it before I report the theft directly. No lawyers seem to want to help me in any way and say something stupid like they require 400 dollars a hour to begin prosecute someone. Its very frustrating having your bitcoin stolen if you buy something internationally and you don’t receive whatever product the criminal pretends to be selling on there website. It to me seems like a criminal game to steal bitcoin from North America. They seem to ” Build a Hype ” something that appears very overpriced or not available anywhere that might very expensive. You then find the product at a more reasonable price and buy it yet the product never arrives. I seem to be victim of this multiple times. My question is why are all these websites allowed to continue doing fake business if all they do is steal bitcoin? Are all these vendors at and criminals? If so why not trace all these people down and bust them all and jail them all in one day in the largest internationally funded criminal round up that ever existed. Just a thought.

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