BisQ Network – Selling BTC-Bitcoin for LTC – Litecoin

This is specifically designed for people that generate litecoin and bitcoin and don’t mine it to get rewards. This instruction is particularly geared to people that like hiding because there criminal lives have reduced them to illegally hacking the blockchain and generating crypto. Is there any truth to this? Well how is it done? Is there some lab at some branding office at bitcoin and litecoin headquarters that somehow make this asset backed monetarily backed offers or is this just some fly by night hacker or lambo seller , well at least I guess thats the pro and not con i deal with at coinsquare. Well if your the best dont be shy to take a hit on this trade! Buy your Litecoin Today Asset Backed with Bitcoin!

I lost 1300 canadian Aug,20th 2018 when a pretend antminer vendor stole my bitcon and never refunded my bitcoin. Funny I can’t get a lawyer to get back to me on this. I am starting to think all the pro bono low income prosecuting attorneys in this town must be criminals since no one is interested in doing actual work. Perhaps they are all part of it and ignoring large transactions is all part of the job for them. Well unfortunately I tried buying another antminer this time for 1600 in bitcoin and it looks like it happened all over again for me the pretend vendor seems to be somewhere overseas collecting payments in bitcoin for merchandise that never is sent anywhere or worst stolen. Still waiting for anyone to get back to me on this. Perhaps your a very wealthy person that doesn’t mind paying more for there litecoin. The joke seems to be for chinese agents that you really do have to pay more for something this good.

Glutten For Punishment ? Mildley Insane Need Sia-Blake2B today?

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