Attention! This is one of the most Dangerous Princes in the world!

Agent Mud don’t forget your training. This is notoriously one of the most dangerous princes in the entire world. You need to prep for the fight. Remember your training from the battles from north and south Ireland. Spare no expense I expect a night of heavy fighting. Obviously you can’t help yourself and you can’t resist what I like to call the ” Wobble Technique ” . If your dumb and a hockey player you might be ideally suited for the mission at hand. The sex wont be simulated this isn’t hollywood and wow are you ever paranoid. Don’t get the wrong read on things.

So I stole a trailer to make good on that.

Its tough knowing who you owe these days be diligent and I expect a big night of fighting. But consider me the french, likes to watch and runs allot.

Your the felony I prefer to believe that has at least 20 grand to pay back the parents.

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