Why are you allowed to discriminate?

I guess this comes out every time I complain but why are these people so ignorant? I can’t imagine opening a business in the Courtenay, Bc area and constantly discriminating the best paying clientele. I guess I have to complain about the fact that everyone seems to be a loser that owns a pub or bar here. If your looking to interact with me and from either out of town your your home that you never leave perhaps you should think twice about opening your mouth and telling the staff you don’t want someone that has more capital than your entire province? Holy fuck will I not be extending my credit services to your establishments morons. Better pay your bills is my advice or maybe I will start hiring people to illegally harass everyone that owes me. Get Gone moron you don’t have real world wealth. Perhaps I can do that to them? After being constantly beaten , tortured , and tastered, and fucking robbed I am getting tired of telling you ” People ” this fuck off give me what you owe me moron. Sadly the cost of raising a child is in the millions perhaps which makes this come out wrong.


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