So you say you play hockey?

So far there will be no suspects for me and a career as the secret police seems like it will never happen. Who am I kidding like I would ever like to work again struggling day to day with trying to make this pay off. It was kind of disturbing having that .13 bitcoin stolen from me by someone in asia no one got back to me to confirm that is where it was cashed. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I will never know enough. So you play hockey? Maybe I will forever have a bunch of questions that will never be answered. Why does this always take 3-7 days that must be a scam. Currently I am looking for a Canadian Location to host these dream machines I have in mind. So many things to think about I think my sister once said she would like to look after my money for me at times. Maybe that’s a good idea? I am securing some bitcoin right now to try and get something from Australia at the moment. Obviously I still have nothing and I am eager to get into crypto mining which I hear to be profitable in Sask, Man, Ont, Que , BC at the moment. I see pictures of a loc/ation in Vancouver but I am unsure as to where that is. I was told by ” Deeper? ” that if anyone was in doubt remind them I play hockey professionally so I guess thats what I do. I wish the canadian government would secure that CPPD for me so I never have to worry about money again. I never did get that equihash miner but apparently its worth .13 bitcoin to someone to steal even. Interesting time I hope this never happens but since everything is online nothing really can be confirmed. I don’t know what precautions to take this time I can’t send anyone in Australia to confirm this location, maybe a phone number that could go anywhere with someone confirming this exists and will be on the way? Where do all these catch all’s to the company go? Is this hilarious or annoying to someone in the comox valley, bc. I hope your interested in maybe starting a new company with me.

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