Think you found my Litecoin?

Don’t worry you will return to normal shortly. I heard the effects are temporary for anyone but me. However you should return to normal shortly. Perhaps when Google ” A very big number ” bought coinsquare the effects were temporary. But there is no choice for nearly all traders. There are 0 fees for coinsquare for both April and May. Did you see long lost satoshi and things returned back to the same old ways days later? How come the commuter coin and satoshi are worthless for me? True I have had some of the most unprofitable miners known to man. I assure you they have never ” Run “. Mostly like looking into the past of devices filling a room that are so unprofitable the new technology replacing them are 38 times more profitable! Whats next for us? Will all these new devices disturb the blockchain so much we will all be worthless soon? Well Looks like I am currently entrenched in the LiteCoin Architecture will I fall in love with a new algo with more alt coins available to mine. NEW SHITCOINS! Exciting! This is my full flush technique…. so much to learn. Blah Blah Blah don’t trust me? Did you buy Nowhere Near Perfect on the eBay Auction! Exciting did you pay full retail?

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