CIA / FBI Field Manual Course – File (Organic Computing)

It sounds ridiculous, it sounds insane, it sounds like I’m off my rocker. What if it existed? I’m not disclosing state secrets or engaging in espionage or part of some secret foreign government organization to control the BC Economy but what if this was true? Well my last psychologist was a bit wrong I truely don’t believe my parents are agents for the FBI or CIA but idle hands are the devils playground. What if ” MAGIC” was involved though? Humor me for a second you know the RCMP threw around the idea of wearing ” BodyCams ” but what if organic computing made it human to capture optical data of the human body?

I am fascinated with top secret documents that Edward Snowden might have on this? Maybe wikileaks can tell me something on the subject. Maybe a old boys club might disclose information on this and maybe its true? Wasn’t there a movie about ” Tommy Gun ” thinking there was a bullet in his brain giving him super human capabilities? Its just all so difficult to believe but I have a lot of time on my hands I would like to see a cia or fbi manual or course on organic computing and human experiments that might have occurred? I wish I was more memorable. Could we give him a dog? Make him love the dog? Then shoot the dog?

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