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Perhaps your not drinking enough?

It really doesn’t matter whats said I can tolerate even the most obnoxious people on the planet and I have proven this. Speaking of obnoxious why not get a home town brewed cold one at Gladstones brewery in the Comox Valley, BC. I have wondered at times why its impossible to find ” Careers ” in this town but if your so lucky to be either employed by the City of Courtenay maybe this is possible. Gladstones Brewing brews its own Craft Beer. Perhaps its why I am in my 40’s now and people that are employed in the Courtenay area always seem to 18-30 and rotate between coffee shops, grocery stores, and bars. Not saying I’m completely tired of even trying looking for work in this town but its simply failed me. I have worked approximately 13-22 years so far in my life but it depends where I was and all I found is that Courtenay, BC was always too good for me. I always found work off vancouver island. Perhaps its my personality that people are annoyed by? However when will these bar owners realize the definition of discrimination but they are all really good at that. So who’s judging who Gladstone Brewery? If your looking for a mate for me perhaps I’m not going to find a woman in the Comox Valley, BC perhaps its the effort that’s almost ridiculous. Perhaps your all too good for me hob knobing with the social elite at The Flying Canoe as well. I wonder does indian intelligence own these pubs? Maybe I’m too good looking for Gladstones Brewing? I’m trying to find a good reason as to why I wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy my beer there?

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