Because whats said is meaningless its whats done

Keep it simple stupid. While it seems to be kind of a mute point if I was a part of something bigger than myself and was trying to be benevolent it would seem evil is doing its part to force my hands. What is wrong with people? I never understood the act of violence. I was constantly surrounded by kids in school that were violent. I try to understand why would it matter what someone says that could possibly cause me to want to physically dominate them. It seems so foolish. Perhaps people in war looking for other violent people seem to be the mentality. What can we learn from years of violence and war. Perhaps the most violent being the middle east? Why can’t these boys keep there hands off me am I so attractive they must grab my ass and pinch my cheeks all the time. Sheesh Im not gay. Perhaps this is some kind of stupid love tap I don’t understand. Whats wrong with these people? Its tough to understand violence. What is the point in dominating someone physically for small portions of the time when you will never dominate there point of view. I would rather win the minds of people than dominate them physically. But perhaps its a small mind problem with the younger crowd. Perhaps they are firmly asserting the fact they will never be hired or hold a job ever again? But who am I kidding like there is even one person that has a full time job in the comox valley.

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