Goog:TISP Going with the flow Install New Internet

Understanding the Kansas Data Center Fiber Optic MAZE/JUNGLE has never become easier with our new ” SHERPA ” software we will guide you through how to make that ” SHITCOIN ” pay either BITCOIN/LITECOIN/ETHEREUM so you can take that to the bank finally. I mean lets just forget about exchanges under investigation currently by the FBI like MapleExchange/Cryptopia/BIGBITEX and seriously I have too many to list here. What happen to your coins? Well unfortunately GooGle TISP ate it. Its currently undergoing a lawsuit with free range content ” YET AGAIN ” discerning how to steal my hard earned $7000 or so canadian. Unfortunately it seems googles do no harm policy is still in the shitter since they can’t find the logs as usual and pay the traffic adwords created to there adsense program. This kind of disfunction really should be government. Perhaps you have spent hours and hours on hold with one of the 31 ISPS in canada as I have trying to get a static ip and port forwarding for 53 and 25? If so here is the goog tisp install link . Unfortunately if your waiting for the new hardware and boards to come out the deal sucks and well lets be honest with a deal that good I have to be on both ends of this here. Good Luck!

P.S. Thank-you SAMMY HABID our new SEO OF THE MONTH! we will be including photos but sammy opt’d out of the 100% compliance part of his fool-disclosure act.

Please continue to go with the flow Just $6890 dollars left to go keep up the amazing work! You know who you are. It is against googles contract to tell anyone what they make so I am honoring that and since they stole it last time this really doesn’t even matter what I say does it.

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