Buy Cannabis / Marijuana / WEED In Courtenay , BC

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If your were hating the drug and sick of the pungent odor stinking up your environment walking near various homes in the comox valley , bc its about to become worst. You can now buy cannabis marijuana in courtenay, bc. A company looks like its called MUSE has been approved by the courtenay municiple government to open up shop right beside London Drugs in the driftwood mall. Looks like they will get a exterior entrance into the mall. You might be angry you might be happy or even indifferent to this. Not sure if this is a good idea since selling this drug doesn’t really seem like progress to me almost de-evolutionary. I hope your trying to buy weed online and get here instead obviously that wont happen. So much for the dark web and a group of criminals in the dark underworld staging a ” Tumbled Bitcoin ” transaction in the deep web. Seems to claim it will have two employees working between 9am and 11pm. Perhaps the local government is so eager to put this place to start collecting the big tax grab this will be on the sales. Will the charm wear off quickly after making a taboo allowed?

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