Amos Katovic Died Last Sunday

My mother is pretty sad about the passing of Amos not so much as myself as well with sad heart I have to announce his passing. Amos was a long time member and after his passing in his will it clearly stated that he wanted me to have his adsense account. I feel absolutely horrible about this I loved Amos with all my heart and yet again my father had to bury a family member. In his last few days he was walking a bit sideways as perhaps it was his hip problems that maybe caused him so much discomfort he eventually succumbed to the pain.

Greener Pastures Await

I had a meal with the family today and feel a bit heart broken over this loss as he really did mean a lot to me and I loved him a great deal. I hope it wasn’t in bad taste announcing the fact that his adsense account was willed to the company comox valley lawncare which has accumulated some things this way over the past 8 years. Amos we loved you with all our hearts and hope you have a beautiful eternity wherever you are.

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