One Bedroom suite with Garage in Courtenay, BC

If you think this is the way to get out of a bad situation well gosh I don’t know perhaps the problem is solved now.

Well I made plans on moving out at the end of this month and my ” Plan ” didn’t work out. Still however I am now stuck with moving out regardless of having no place to go. I am in need of a basement suite with garage (you know for the ants). I don’t have a lot of stuff and don’t need much room but amazingly enough I want all this for $500 is there any way you can make this easy?

Let me know if you know of any one bedroom condos are available for rent april, 1st 2019 in Courtenay, BC. Maybe email me some super awesome place or help me. Heaven forbid you see me on the streets or ” Under a bridge ” and want to help.

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