I think I deserve a bullshit job with the Government of Canada

Your probably thinking how arrogant and ignorant is this idea the very fact someone would want to be paid good money to do absolutely nothing. Maybe I am dreaming of getting the 24 thousand ScotiaBank failed to pay me for CSHD.OB? Well one good reason. How about the countless other trades costing me every dime I ever earned. Somehow I managed to do just that though and that’s the most amazing part about this equation that probably defies logic. Me and H&R block had a good sit down one day and tried to do the math but sadly it just never worked out since ScotiaBank failed to release the documents proving my losses. I tried I did I really did but they hung up on me failed to cover trades and well got really cruel when I was once on the winning side of a trade which for eternity defies the very being for most brokerages a actual return on investment.

Perhaps a large settlement from the government of canada for harrasment?
Perhaps a Settlement for Harassment?

I’m not complaining but its getting pretty difficult at the moment I perhaps wont post much in april not that I do much of any posting as of late. See I thought I would have a new living arrangement and some how in my silly logic thought what was ment to be a place opening up on some massive property development in Union Bay, BC turned out to be already booked up 4000 residential family dwellings. Try not to need anyone is the lesson. But ” I did this to myself ” yup that’s pretty much right I did a lot of things like perhaps making myself homeless unfortunately to take a job. It’s really hard to find a place to live in 2 weeks notice (even more so when your not as nice as I am to open up my living environment to complete strangers on the net). All I can say as this time the job has to be pretty good if you can convince me I can move into one of those 4000 units in Union Bay, BC. Sometimes its pathetic how some people really do go out of there way looking for a mental disorder. Perhaps its dementia being the real problem here?

Miss Understandings happen all the time but unfortunately I never thought I would be forced yet again out of my home seems this is just another way of doing that. I just don’t get it. Perhaps someone can buy the book I have taken down from 1 million which I originally published it at. Your about to get a amazing deal! Used? Yup it must be a dark web deal a sale for a used book that never sold for the million it was listed at but some how exists again this must be my fault somehow. I hate doctors now , nothing personal but for me you were a extremely cruel way for the RCMP to continue making a abduction go on permanently. Imagine if you were taken out of your home forced into hospital for 7 or so months forced to make doctors appointments after finally being released not back into your home but a very shitty one in comparison. Then force fed medication and constant visits for another 2 years by the government. I wonder if the asshole that struck me in the face last time gets the same treatment. What the fuck is wrong with everyone? At least that clown would deserve it. Don’t believe everything you read or in your case, probably steal.

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