When the baby train stalks you

Left Shark is Listening Quiet!

Its really tough to see the true hard core fans? How could I possibly make this more interesting? Ever get that feeling that an entire community of people that have been obviously nurtured there entire lives are embodied by one person? I have a lot of questions but this is getting ridiculous. Today I ” Got that feeling ” you know when your being followed by a person that obviously has been giving a great deal of wealth there entire life for maybe doing very easy tasks. Perhaps that’s what I am feeling. Well the baby train looks like it made a effort to see me for some reason perhaps I should feel special? Why does garbage become curious about someone like me. I don’t really enjoy talking to garbage bags but perhaps I was caught doing something rather entertaining. Its that feeling your being annoyed by your entire community some days. You know that feeling like whatever you do it doesn’t matter and the entire community is just going to ignore you and go on believing what they want to believe. For me that feeling is the worst. I don’t want that feeling of people that feel like they were babied there entire life. Now I know I don’t give that feeling to anyone perhaps that’s what I like most about myself. Well if someone pays someone to travel thousands of miles just to spy on me I should feel kind of special but how ridiculous is this kept man? I doubt a woman would ever give me that feeling in this community good lord their much to hard workers. Well baby train stop stalking me you look ridiculous. You know who you are. Either pay up or keep walking. What a bunch of ridiculous debts these kids are.

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