JennettE Mccurdy what does it take?

I guess I should have brain damage to think someone like Jennette would ever be interested in me. I watch all her videos and was a iCarly fan back in the day but I think shes older than she claims not sure why. Her videos she teases she has other personas and is much older I wonder if secretly there is any truth to that. Its difficult to find a date I have tried plenty of fish, bars the usual haunts but it never seems to work for me. The reality of a long term relationship would never work with a celebrity even if in my Brain Damaged mind I thought I could date someone as successful and obviously amazing to look at. Its a shame Katy is getting married I guess there is no hope for us. You got to laugh at me really. Why take me seriously Jennette?

19 Again?

Why does Jennette Mccurdy think I have brain damage? Its quite humorous actually how often things like this happens to me. Its very unhealthy to pretend your someone your not so why does this happen to me all the time. I have had people laughably call themselves celebrity names and talk to me in various electronic chat programs why does this happen. Obviously I will never believe it really is a celebrity I am talking to. Its kind of disturbing to think I have had real live communication with Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and a hand full of others.

Whatever I still love your quirky self and sometimes I have to turn on the old iCarly versions just to see that silly cute attempt.

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