Loving the smell of stinky feeT foot fetish

Harriett Griswald had a terrible secret to keep. She enjoyed the stench of foul smelling feet. The worst the better the stinker the stench the happier she becomes. Seldom washing her feet and rarely changing her socks she enjoyed the stench of foot sweat culminating in a pungent foul odor wafting upwards to her face (pure bliss). Gather your intelligence carefully you wouldn’t want to discover the Harriett’s among your own people.

The intelligence just streams in some days as I try to debunk the 17th street courtenay, bc area. Are there Harriett’s among your group. Maybe deep hypnotism and interrogation of the effected people might result in some hard evidence that proves the theory. So what is going on with Mensa these days are these e-mails what could they possibly be interested in me for.

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