Google ADSENSE Class action LAWSUIT

First of all its kind of ridiculous to think that in some way and some how that there could possibly be a system in place that decides as long as the advertisers are dumb enough to pay the stream is never shut off unless it goes to a human being and not the company itself. Now I have patiently waited on the conclusion of this lawsuit. As an individual I have signed up for adsense in the past and denied the income generated from the web traffic of my websites. How come there are some idiots constantly telling me not to complain when things like this happen. How Google decides that the 11,000 or more I have spent with adwords in the past is valid yet when the traffic goes to a website with adsense on it the income from the traffic is always deemed invalid. It seems you should have to understand some simple realities google. Your liars get over yourself and pay up. You lost this so many times it isn’t funny. Why would it matter if the traffic came from newsgroups and real human beings which tells me one thing. Google hates human beings. Its obvious to me that google seems to have a bit of a attitude problem when it comes to understanding web traffic. In my honest opinion the only way this could ever become fair is they remove the human being that steals the profits from the adsense program. Reality never works it seems but the fantasy always does. How about 10,000 worth of SEO then google? Well I will patiently wait for my check for at least 5000 that was stolen from legitimate traffic paid to adwords to my website but I dont think you have the resources to find the accounts. It seems your reality department is a bit too corrupt. Perhaps not even Canadian or USA which might make this a bit obvious.

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