Don't Contact ZoZO With the ouijaboard

True I registered ouijiboard and was getting contacted from the dead or as we like to call it “NETSOL” air traffic control. But sadly someone in china stole my ouijiboard. Well I guess I must behave I never tried contacting zozo the evil spirit but apparently london has this all tied up at the moment.

I am rather boarded lately as there is something wrong with my eyes at the starbucks again but I will go and buy my designer coffee again and do my seemlingless pointless tour of courtenay.

No I don’t communicate with the dead or celebrity but what about her pets? Maybe I contacted one of her dead pets by mistake. Is this some kind of joke I just don’t understand. Is the Comox Valley, BC canada so ridiculous no one from California would even think of visiting it but its not that far. Who would spend 800 dollars or more usd just to make fun of me. Interesting.

(We will always have Calgary) sigh…

I don’t think this will ever matter but I think hootie and the blowfish sing this one. Am I trying to contact zozo the evil demon again? Maybe my old friend from DND has too much time on his hands? Lets have another game maybe zozo will appear again.

Creeped out as usual.

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