Nowhere Near Perfect The Book & mining algo's

miningOnce upon a time in a village long long ago a mild mannered warehouseman set aloft on a journey.  Who knew he would end up here fascinated by people with fake names , fake rolls , fake incomes, fake professions and yes you guessed it the same Government Income that’s so hard to get.
First off thank you so damn much for visiting my page now you know what to do to make me some money!
Im starving stuck here with all these exotic mining algo’s wondering if adding the payment id was a good or bad idea.  Noticing ” DAD ” allot and ” BED ” allot in my cryptonight algos I had to wonder if I was secretly being relayed something for THE DUTCH!
If you don’t believe me on anyone of these facts please feel free to buy the book Unfortunately amazon does not allow me to charge the 1 million dollars I am looking for it.  Some kind of technical issue.  So please if you would like to work with me on this and don’t think I am lying or a bit crazy for wanting compensation for these things please feel free.

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